Steffen Lange

Steffen Lange is senior researcher and course coordinator of the Master Plural Economics  at the University of Siegen. He is also research fellow at the German Institute for Interdisciplinary Social Policy Research, affiliated scholar of the Resource Economics Group at the Humboldt University Berlin, board member of the NGO 'Common Future' and in the advisory council of the NGO 'Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie'. Previously he was a researcher at the Technical University Berlin, the University of Münster and the Institute for Ecologcial Economy Research. He holds a PhD from the University of Hamburg.

He investigates the characteristics of socially and environmentally sustainable economies and how we can organize the transitions from the existing old to new, sustainable economies. He combines quantitative and qualitative empirical research with inter- and transdisciplinary research methods. His research is among others on green growth, degrowth and growth independence, the digital transformation of the economy and plural economics for a deep sustainability transformation.

His research is published in leading scientific journals such as Ecological Economics and Energy Economics. It is debated also outside academia, with organizations such as the World Bank, UNEP, the European Commission, the European Environmental Bureau or the German Environmental Ministry.

He is a frequent public speaker and collaborates closely with policy and civil society stakeholders to not only investigate sustainable economies but put them into being.

Get to know his work

Video on the book 'Digital Reset', hosted by the European Commission Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) and  ZOE Institute for future-fit economies. 

Podcast on post-growth, the digital economy and studying plural economics in Siegen (in German)

Article on digitalization and growth independence


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